John Legend & Chrissy Teigen: Parents to Puddy & Pippa

Celebrity super couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are known for doting on their dogs, English bulldog Puddy and French bulldog Pippa. Puddy was the man of the household first and welcomed little sis Pippa a few years later. Now both of the lucky dogs are on the All of Me tour with the multi-Grammy Award-winning singer. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Teigen and Legend dated for seven years before tying the knot in 2013, and have kept up a steady stream of adorable Instagram shots of their brood.

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

The beautiful couple with Puddy, courtesy Teigen’s Instagram

Puddy & Pippa

Puddy & Pippa’s latest pic

Chrissy Teigen & Pippa

Chrissy models with Pippa



Fallon & Meyers: Doggie Dads to Gary & Frisbee

Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers have a ton in common — they both manned the Weekend Update desk at SNL, they both recently made a big splash with their own shows on NBC late night, and they’re both adorable doggie daddies.

Gary Frick, Fallon’s Golden Retriever — who happens to be a girl, btw — has made several appearances on her pop’s show. Gary came to live with Jimmy just before the 2012 Emmys, at which he commented, “It’s amazing, it’s a life changer,” he said. “I love her so much. She’s my best friend.”

Gary Frick

Jimmy Fallon’s favorite co-host, Ms. Gary Frick

Meanwhile, Seth Meyers got in on the “dog shaming” craze, hilariously so, with this pic he recently tweeted of Frisbee, his pretty damn cute Italian Greyhound.

Frisbee Meyers

Seth Meyers Shames dog Frisbee

Frisbee — who also happens to be a girl — was welcomed down the aisle when Meyers wed lawyer Alexi Ashe last September, and has already made several appearances on her proud papa’s new show, which debuted less than a month ago.

Westminster Dog Names!

Night one  at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is in the books and we heard some excellent call names — including Rufus, Toodles and Swagger – but the dogs moving into the Best in Show finals tonight include a bloodhound named Nathan, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi called Coco Posh (Like!), Allie the Standard Poodle and the favorite, a MinPin named Classy (also Like!).

But the big news is that the first ever agility competition for mixed breeds at the storied show was won by 6-and-a-half year-old husky mix Roo — very fitting, since she can jump like a kangaroo. Not surprisingly, the winner on the purebred side was a border collie named Kelso.


Agility dog Roo takes the gold!

Lindsay Vonn & #BumKneeBuddy: Injured Olympic Skier Adopts Leo

2010 Olympic gold medalist Lindsay Vonn was looking forward to defending her downhill-skiing title in Sochi, before re-injuring her right knee this past December. But she got herself a really awesome consolation prize, as she told fans on her Facebook page:

“This definitely brightened my day – I adopted this 9-month-old cutie from an animal shelter. He has a bad knee from being hit by a car when he was a puppy and no one wanted him … but I do!! I encourage anyone looking for an animal to adopt from a shelter and save a life! #bumkneebuddies,” she wrote. Amen, sister!

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing lucky Leo:

Lindsay Vonn's dog Leo

Rescue. Name. Love!


Puppy Bowl 2014 Lineup Names & Pics!

These cutie-pies may not be owned by celebrities, but they are soon to be celebs themselves — and the best part is that every one of them is up for adoption after the broadcast. Doggienista loves Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl just for that reason. Well, and for the abundant adorableness on display. The ridiculous commentary we can actually do without. ;)

And since we also love #dog names and, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite competitors with the coolest names to share.

First up, is Alvin, a 12-week-old male poodle. Probably much tougher than he looks.



Bach is a Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle mix, whose strategy is likely to be to lick his competitors into submission.



Next up is Opie, who doesn’t look much like the cute little Ron Howard redhead from The Andy Griffith Show, but does seem like a definite scrapper and star in the making.



Finally, our fave four includes Taser, a 12-week-old Italian Greyhound, whose speed likely has him pegged as either a kick return dog or safety (which would match his name!).


Fox’s The Following Star Shawn Ashmore & Friend Faith

Shawn Ashmore is but one degree away from Kevin Bacon, co-starring with him on Fox’s hit drama The Following, which just returned for its second season. He plays one of the good guys — so far, though you never know — and you also might recognize him as The Iceman from the X-Men movies. But doesn’t this pic of him with his little dog Faith just melt your heart?

There’s Something About Mary … Silverman

Sarah Silverman, who recently lost her beloved chihuahua Duck, has recovered enough to share her love with another member of the canine crew. She introduced fans to her new pup Mary on Instagram, along with this caption: “I told Mary I loved her and then there were some awkward beats of silence but we’re fine now.” We look forward to many more hilarious tweets about their budding relationship.

celebrity dog Mary Silverman